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Spinning Flax into Linen - Susan Conover

  • October 11, 2023
  • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Lamm's End Studio
  • 5


  • This workshop is open for other Colorado Guild members to register.


A hand holding a bundle of flax stricks.

Flax has been around since the beginning of civilization and still seems to be a mystery for most modern hand spinners. Because there are so many different ways to purchase the prepared fibers today (roving, top, stricks, line stricks, etc), many spinners are stumped. If you are comfortable spinning a continuous yarn with confidence, please join us for this one day hands-on workshop with Susan Conover.

The curriculum for this fun and legend filled class will include:

  • A 17-minute film on flax processing created by the Conovers
  • Exploring line strick for a finer yarn
  • Dressing a distaff
  • Spinning singles for weaving
  • Scouring your skeins
  • Yarn counts

Skills Required: Attendees should feel comfortable spinning a continuous strand of yarn


All fibers, water pots, chair/floor distaves and class handouts.


Participants should bring their own treadle wheel in good working order; single drive, double drive, flyer lead or bobbin lead are all acceptable. One bobbin is all that is required, preferably of a standard ratio. Please do not bring a wheel with a hooked orifice, jumbo bobbin or WooLee winder. If you have a distaff, by all means bring it to class. A hand towel would be great to catch water drips.



a smiling woman with short blonde hair and glasses taken from the shoulders up. She is wearing a black turtleneck and a blue jacket


Susan's love of flax began in 1982 after reading articles on the subject in The Weaver's Journal, Fall 1982 issue. Mary A. Chase wrote about Flax Processing, and being an avid gardener, Susan instantly searched for flax seeds to grow the following Spring. Susan also discovered that nearby Hungarian neighbors were raising and processing flax annually. There was no turning back ... the rest, as they say, is history.

Susan began spinning and weaving in 1980 and spent the next three decades studying under numerous national and international instructors. Her focus has always been on the historic aspects of her chosen craft.

Since 2000 she has offered courses in hand spinning and floor-loom weaving from her studio. It is a premiere teaching environment with six Schacht floor looms and a "herd" of Schacht spinning wheels.

Her experiences have included being Operations Manager at Vavstuga Weaving School in Shelburne Falls, MA for five years. Being a consultant and demonstrator for Historic sites has brought her a great deal of joy and sense of accomplishment. She specializes in lectures and workshops for guilds and craft schools throughout the country.

Susan currently operates out of a newly remodeled studio that augments the original Schacht equipment with ten Glimakra countermarch and counterbalance looms. She offers two to five-day hands-on workshops in her home studio and hosts students from throughout North America.

For more information about Susan visit her website

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